Do You Have This Dilemma?

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At times in your life it becomes very apparent that each day is a blessing. The tragedies in Boston, MA and West, TX are vivid reminders of how quickly life can change on a dime.

As financial planners, we focus on helping our clients develop a blueprint to follow to enjoy a long life. The real challenge becomes the balancing act between saving for tomorrow or living for today. You can’t completely ignore either one!

The following are some of our suggestions:

1. Favor your spending on experiences not things.

2. Set life goals. What would you like to do, have and be during your lifetime.

Our goal is to have clients that are happy with their lives, not just how much money they accumulate during their lifetime. Our Discovery Process at Landmark is designed to allow us help you balance the scales between living in the day and planning for the future.

We welcome this dilemma and look forward to being a partner in helping you define your life.

Enjoy the weekend!

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