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I do believe that success in life is dependent on giving back to society.  I ran across this article by Ross Levin, one of the pioneer’s of the financial planning industry, that resonated with me so I thought I would share some of his main points:

“I have many meetings where clients talk about what they want to do, but feel like they can’t. They either don’t have enough money (sometimes true); they don’t have enough time (rarely true), or (most often) just don’t have the will to do something different.”

He poses these challenges:

1. Am I doing what I should? Am I standing for my beliefs or am I watching?

2. Am I doing enough to help others know their impact on me? Am I fully supporting others or am I watching?

3. Am I doing what I would be doing if I had no fear? Am I taking the time to use my resources — money, time, experience, energy — in ways that matter or am I watching?

I will leave you with with his summary:

“Over time, givers are the most successful in business. People tend to want to reciprocate; when they know that you are looking out for them they will generally want to do the same. Life often moves to reciprocity. But even if it doesn’t, are you worse off by being of service to others?”

Click here if you want a link to the complete article.

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