Improve Your Future Success

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“The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” Abraham Lincoln

I wanted to summarize some great points in a recent Journal of Financial Planning interview with Dr. Lowell Catlett from New Mexico University.

What is one change that people can make to help improve their success in life?

“… To me, the most valuable thing about almost everything about our lives involves accepting and being happy with small, incremental changes.

It’s very much like compound interest. You don’t see the results for a time, but you do see the results. It’s true for us in dieting; it’s true for us in saving for the future or for a car or whatever else.

Life comes at us in increments that, if we will take advantage of them, we can have most of the things we want.”

This is a great way to approach change and growth in my opinion. Be patient and stay disciplined and good things will happen in both your financial and personal life.

However, you must remember to take advantage of each new day!

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