Landmark Direct

Landmark Financial Advisors now offers an innovative way to invest with our firm online or on your mobile device. We have chosen to work with Schwab Performance Technologies to provide the technology for the utilization of Institutional Intelligent Portfolio™, an automated investment management service for independent advisors.


  • Portfolios professionally managed by Landmark Financial Advisors.
  • Automated Investment Engine
    • Automatic Rebalancing and Trading
      • Hands-off approach that allows the client to achieve a strategic asset allocation without incurring numerous transaction fees.
    • Tax-Loss Harvesting
      • If applicable, helps to offset gains in a client’s portfolio to minimize annual tax liability.
  • Financial Goal Plan
    • Road Map to Success
      • Complete access to financial planning software allowing clients to see where they are and what steps to take to achieve financial wellness.

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How does Landmark Direct Work?

Landmark Direct provides clients with a range of investment strategies. Each investment strategy consists of a diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds, as well as an FDIC-insured cash allocation. We have contracted with Schwab Performance Technologies to provide us with the technology platform, related trading and account management services. This platform includes a system that automates certain key parts of our investment process, such as:

  • determining a client’s investment objectives
  • assessing risk tolerance
  • devising an appropriate investment strategy
  • managing the client’s portfolio through automated rebalancing.

We create our investment strategies by choosing from among hundreds of ETFs.

For clients who enroll in the Landmark Direct program, we perform the following duties:

  • construct the range of available portfolios
  • determine the appropriateness of Landmark Direct for a client
  • recommend and select a portfolio for each client
  • and monitor the ongoing appropriateness of the portfolio for each client.

At our direction, Schwab Performance Technologies will use software to automatically trade and rebalance portfolios when they drift from the targeted asset allocation by a defined amount. Portfolios are held in a brokerage account at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.—clients can easily access accounts using their website and mobile apps.

How to Enroll in Landmark Direct:

While initial enrollment and ongoing account access can easily be completed online or using the mobile app, you may choose to come to our office to complete enrollment or take advantage of a co-browsing feature which enables us to help walk you through enrollment.

step 1

Use the link below to access the Landmark Direct program, complete the questionnaire, receive a portfolio recommendation, open and fund your account online.

step 2

After reading the important notice, click continue and you will be directed to a welcome page prior to accessing the Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™ website.

step 3

Click on the Get Started button and enter our firm's unique program key to begin.

Landmark Financial Advisors' program key: SPYX

GET STARTED: Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™

Download the Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™ mobile app to access your account on Apple or Android mobile devices.


These materials have been independently produced by Landmark Financial Advisors. Landmark Financial Advisors is independent of, and has no affiliation with, Schwab Performance Technologies, Charles Schwab & Co.,Inc. (“CS&Co”), or any of their affiliates (together, “Schwab”).
Schwab has not created, supplied, licensed, endorsed, or otherwise sanctioned these materials nor has Schwab independently verified any of the information in them. Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™ is an automated investment management service for independent advisors sponsored by Schwab Performance Technologies and available exclusively through independent investment advisory firms like Landmark Financial Advisors. Landmark Financial Advisors, not Schwab, is responsible for advising you on the Landmark Direct program, including recommending and selecting a portfolio appropriate for you and managing your portfolio on a discretionary basis. Your portfolio will be held in a brokerage account at CS&Co. “Institutional Intelligent Portfolios” is a trademark of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.