Money Can Buy Happiness

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We feel like it can, but you just have to know how to spend it.

  1. Buy Experiences – Research has shown that experiences provide more happiness than material goods.  This is largely in part to the fact that they make us feel connected to people.  A vacation with family or friends is the most common, and pay for it in advance so you are not dreading getting the bill upon return.  It allows you to relax better.
  2. Spend to Free Up Time – If you can afford it hire a personal assistant, delegate household chores or lawn work.  Spend a bit more shopping for an item vs. driving all across town to save 10% on a $25 item.
  3. Invest in Others – This can take the form of a charity or just a friend/stranger in financial need.  If you can see your hard-earned dollars put to work the better it will make you feel.

You have worked hard…. now do the things that will let you live richly!

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