The Most Important Question in Retirement Planning

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What is the biggest financial issue for most retirees? That they’ll outlast and outlive their retirement savings.

So, a successful retirement plan hinges on how accurately we can estimate your life expectancy. Underestimating life expectancy could mean not having enough income for the full duration of retirement. Overestimating life expectancy could mean sacrificing trips or purchases you wanted to make when you could have afforded them all along.

Traditionally financial advisors used actuarial tables to estimate longevity, but the attached article, “The Most Important Question in Retirement Planning” provides a list of questions about your family, medical history, and lifestyle habits. This additional data—coupled with the actuarial tables we use—can help us better estimate your life expectancy and design the best possible retirement plan for you and your family.

We are living longer… a 65 year old couple has a 47% probability of at least one of them living another 25 years.

Have you saved enough?

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