Who Would Have Thunk It… Where Is Technology Heading?

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This is exerpts from the MIT Technology Review:

At first glance, Thad Starner does not look out of place at Google. A pioneering researcher in the field of wearable computing, Starner is a big, charming man with unruly hair. But everyone who meets him does a double take, because mounted over the left lens of his eyeglasses is a small rectangle. It looks like a car’s side-view mirror made for a human face. The device is actually a minuscule computer monitor aimed at Starner’s eye; he sees its display—pictures, e-mails, anything—superimposed on top of the world, Terminator-style.

A guy wearing a computer to me is a revelation, but because he can use it without becoming lost in it—as we all do when we consult our many devices—he appeares less in thrall to the digital world than you and I are every day. “One of the key points here,” Starner says, “is that we’re trying to make mobile systems that help the user pay more attention to the real world as opposed to retreating from it.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c6W4CCU9M4]

Pretty cool and prety scary all at the same time!

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